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Carolina will award roughly 3,700 undergraduate degrees during Sunday’s spring Commencement – in subjects ranging from political science to economics to contemporary European studies.

What did most graduates study? This graphic, “Turning the Tassel,” shows first and second majors of study by undergraduate degree candidates.  Click on the small version to see the full image.

The top ten majors are: Psychology (444 candidates); Biology (404 candidates); Journalism and Mass Communication (310 candidates); Economics (309 candidates); Political Science (285 candidates); Business Administration (285 candidates); Exercise and Sport Science (235 candidates); Global Studies (220 candidates); History (177 candidates); and Communication Studies (169 candidates).

The majors with the smallest number of degree candidates include: Archaeology (9 candidates); Interdisciplinary Studies (5 candidates); Contemporary European Studies (4 candidates); Latin American Studies (2 candidates); and Russian and East European Studies (1 candidate).

Numbers presented are approximate.

Graphic by Melanie Busbee and Helen Buchanan, News Services.

May 7, 2014.