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ITS will roll out a new Onyen management system starting Nov. 25. The interface to the new system adds functionality for first-time Onyen creation and on-going password management. All other functions on the Onyen page will remain unchanged.

The new, easy-to-use interface for managing passwords requires users to select five security questions and identify at least one emergency contact the first time a password is changed. Both of these functions were previously optional. By requiring security questions, ITS offers users the convenience of resetting a forgotten password online without contacting 962-HELP for assistance.

The interface will enable users to:

  • Change password,
  • Reset a lost or forgotten password,
  • Check password status,
  • Create/update security questions,
  • Add/update emergency contact information,
  • Add/update Alert Carolina contact number.

Email reminders will continue to notify users when it is time to change a password. For questions about the new Onyen password management application, call 962-HELP or visit and search for ‘Onyen Password.’

Published November 18, 2013.