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Google Map

Notice: As of July 18, 2018, Google requires the use of an API Key to use Google Maps on websites. That means in order to use the Heelium Google Maps Shortcode, you must register your website on the Google API Console. Registering for an API key will require billing information, but this version of Google Maps will be free of cost.

The API key must be entered into the Customizer under “Search & Maps.”

Shortcode Breakdown

[googlemap id="myMap1" zoom="15" lat="35.911034" long="-79.062080" title="The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill"]

Shortcode Example


The above map has an id of myMap1, a zoom level of 16, latitude of 35.911034, longitude of -79.062080, and a title of ITS Franklin, UNC Chapel Hill.

Where to Place the Map Shortcode

If you’d like to place the map right above the footer on a webpage (see an example at the bottom of the home page), add the shortcode to the Bottom Content meta box when you’re editing a page or post.

Full Width Map Shortcode Meta Box