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In an event playing off the TV show “The Biggest Loser,” Morrison Residence Hall today was named the winner of the first-ever National Building Competition. The contest, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, challenged teams from 14 buildings across the country to measure their energy use and “work off the waste.”

Cheered on by a mascot wearing a skyscraper costume cinched with a tape measure, Chris Martin, director of Energy Management, stepped on a doctor’s scale as a display counted down Morrison’s energy reduction. “Do you think that’s enough to win?” EPA Director of Strategic Communications Maura Beard asked the students and staff members gathered in the light drizzle on the Morrison basketball court. Then “Biggest Loser” host Bob Harper appeared on the video display to announce the news that Morrison had won. The crowd waved white foam No. 1 fingers and cheered.

Also in the crowd were representatives from N.C. State University, which also had a building in the contest. Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Bruce Carney recognized them from the platform before commenting, “This is the first time I’ve ever been glad that the Tar Heels were bigger losers than the Wolfpack.”

Published October 26, 2010.