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“Without a Fight,” a new documentary set in the largest slum in East Africa, will make its North American debut at the Full Frame Film Festival in Durham, N.C., on Friday, April 13.

“Without a Fight” follows the lives of two youth living in Kibera as their teams prepare to meet in the title match of the Champions League, a soccer league started 11 years ago by Carolina for Kibera (CFK) founder and UNC alumnus Rye Barcott.

The film is a production of Chasing the Mad Lion in collaboration with the UNC Center for Global Initiatives and Carolina for Kibera. It was produced by Triangle filmmakers Jason Arthurs, Beth Kutchma, Mark Derewicz and Andrew Johnson. Kutchma is a senior program associate with the UNC Center for Global Initiatives. Derewicz is a staff writer for Endeavors magazine.

“Without a Fight” is the result of producer Kutchma’s conversations with Barcott when she worked with CFK, a non-profit organization that Barcott co-founded with Kenyan leaders to empower Kenyans to address pressing issues in Kibera. In addition to the film, Barcott chronicled CFK’s story in his memoir “It Happened on the Way to War: A Marine’s Path to Peace” (Bloomsbury, 2011).

The film features footage of the violence that erupted after Kenya’s 2008 presidential elections. Kutchma notes that it’s important to premiere and show the film throughout 2012 to build awareness prior to Kenya’s national elections in March 2013.

The world premiere of “Without a Fight” was held last month at 11mm Film Festival in Berlin.

Advance tickets for Full Frame Film Festival are available online or through the Duke University Box Office for a limited time starting April 2 at 11 am.

Published April 11, 2012.