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Three-fourths of Carolina’s faculty and staff believe the University has both a compelling vision and the talent needed for future success.

And 79 percent would recommend Carolina as a place to work.

These findings from the University’s recent organizational effectiveness survey, conducted in January, surpass the results of the previous employee survey conducted three years ago.

“In general, your views of the University’s vision, and the people and processes we have in place to fulfill it, are as strong as ever – and even more positive than you indicated in our initial 2010 survey,” Chancellor Holden Thorp told faculty and staff in an email message this week.

“Your confidence in those two areas is greater now than it was three years ago, and that makes me incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together.”

The results of the survey, which asked for feedback about how the University is doing with setting goals, leadership, communications and decision-making, are posted on the Carolina Counts website. The data reflect more than 3,000 responses – a response rate of 28 percent from the University’s 11,000 permanent faculty and staff.

In terms of overall opinions, 66 percent said Carolina was a highly effective organization. A little more than half – 54 percent – felt that significant changes were needed to be successful in the next five years.

Respondents gave high marks to decision-making, at both the University administration level and in their own areas, but also said the process could be smoother and faster. Thorp said he agreed.

“We’ll continue to work on that as I complete my tenure as chancellor,” he said. “We’ll also share these results and the context with Chancellor-Elect Carol Folt.”

Thorp said the University’s success was due to the dedication and hard work of its faculty and staff.

“The results of this survey confirm what I already knew: It is the people here who make the difference,” he said. “I want to thank you for all that you do to make Carolina the special place it is for our students and North Carolinians.”

Published May 14, 2013.