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Since 1977, UNC-Chapel Hill has recognized non-faculty employees who have dedicated 20 years of service to the University and to the State of North Carolina. On May 14, the University hosted the 37th annual Service Appreciation Banquet at the Carolina Inn to honor the 127 employees celebrating two decades of service this year.

Chancellor Carol Folt recognized the honorees and reminded them that their daily work has real impact on students, new faculty and staff and campus visitors.

“As I’m about to complete my first year as a Tar Heel, I can say one thing with certainty – your experience and your dedication are critical to our students’ success and to the smooth running of our University,” she noted.

“For the last couple of weeks, I’ve watched students in their flowing blue robes taking pictures of themselves at the Old Well and elsewhere. It was so energizing to look out my window and see them. But I was equally as energized by the hundreds of Carolina employees hard at work – planting flowers and preparing the grounds, getting the [graduation] venues ready, helping students move out of residence halls, keeping them safe as they celebrated the end of the year, and much, much more.”

Employees and their guests were in attendance to celebrate this significant achievement. The guest speaker was Emil J. Kang, executive director for the arts and professor of the practice. Kang congratulated the honorees on achieving this important milestone, and applauded their dedication and service.

May 16, 2014.