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Last year, UNC employees showed their generosity by making Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares the lead contributing agency to the State Employees Combined Campaign. This year, campaign officials hope Carolina employees can give even more.

Tar Heels Give More is the theme of this year’s campaign. The campaign raised $780,000 for charities last year. Organizers hope to raise $1 million this year.

So far, Carolina employees have donated $338,077 in the first three weeks of the six-week campaign. This year’s campaign is half the length of last year’s three-month effort, so time is growing short for employees to donate.

Watch a Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares video below

Gov. Jim Hunt established the SECC in 1984 to encourage state employees to donate to charities. The charities are reviewed and approved for participation each year. This year, more than 1,000 charities are eligible.

“Just as Carolina empowers students through an excellent education, the Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares campaign empowers our participating charitable organizations by providing critical financial support,” says Brenda Malone, vice chancellor for human resources and chair of the Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares campaign.

“Funding for social programs continues to be in jeopardy, especially in these difficult economic times. The contributions of the Carolina community are essential right now to provide for those in need,” Malone says.

This year’s campaign started Oct. 1 and runs through Nov. 9. Carolina’s campaign volunteers are distributing giving guides and pledge forms to the employees on their team.

Participants can also give online through a special e-pledge link using their Onyen username and password at

A $5 per month minimum is needed for payroll deduction, but Malone stressed that donations of all sizes mattered.

“Any contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference in someone’s life,” Malone says. “I believe at Carolina we will band together and give more than ever before.”

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